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From our resource library to yours! Please save and share what you need. Great to share directly to your social media feeds, in newsletters, and on classroom walls (Check out the printable PDFs!) 


Bring FYF to your event. This introductory brochure gives a brief overview of what Free Your Feels offers to Georgia communities. Access to additional resources is available directly on the brochure. Encourage your community members to connect, speak and listen!

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Who? What? Why? of Free Your Feels. Introduce Free Your Feels in your community! Great for resource tables, bulletin boards, and newsletters. 

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) programs with the support and encouragement of the community can result in great benefits for the youth involved! Share this flyer with students via email in newsletters, on socials, or with the poster in the hallways and classrooms. Available in both English and Spanish.

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Healthy social connections play an important role in our overall well-being and quality of life. Learning about healthy relationships can help us develop positive decision-making and relationship-building skills. Fostering healthy relationships with friends, family, schoolmates, teachers, and others can have a positive effect on our sense of self, emotional development, and future relationships.

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Thanks to our partnership with Ser Familia we can offer resources in Spanish for those in our Georgia communities who need it! This postcard-sized flyer is great to share with youth and families. With direct access to our Spanish resource page. 

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Access our Blueprint Resource Guide! Share these cards at your next event, school, or office to encourage the youth and parents/caregivers to utilize the resources that have been created for them!

*We are working on having this resource translated in Spanish. Please check back. 

Click on the graphic below to automatically download (.ZIP Folder)

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